Get Scrumptious Comfort Food From Our Trucks

Drewski’s Hot Rod Kitchen has several gourmet food trucks roving around the Greater Sacramento area, serving delightful dishes to the public. Each of our trucks has a unique menu that showcases our take on American comfort food.

hella waffle
Twisted Chicken Sand 2022

Well-Equipped to Serve

Our food trucks have the equipment and storage space needed to serve a high volume of customers. We are also experienced in dealing with big crowds, consistently providing customers with excellent food and great customer service.

Book a Truck for Your Event

Easily feed the crowd at your festival or concert by inviting our gourmet food trucks to your event. Our staff can set up quickly and immediately serve food at any space at your event. We also serve at weddings, corporate events, and other gatherings.

Our Current Food Truck Menus

Drewski's Famous Grilled Cheese & More

Drewski's Famous Grilled Cheese & More

Find Out Where We'll Be!

Drewski's Hot Rod Chicken (Hot Fry Chicken)

Drewski's Hot Rod Chicken (Hot Fry Chicken)

Find Out Where We'll Be!

Cheese Truck Menu

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Chicken Truck Menu


Reach Out to Us

For any questions or concerns about our food trucks and our availability for catering, get in touch with our team today. We are more than happy to address your concerns.